Spotify Search Options - dummies

Spotify Search Options

By Kim Gilmour

Part of Spotify For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Apart from typing text into Spotify’s Search text box, you can refine your Spotify search by using different parameters or syntax. These more advanced search techniques can help you hone in on just what you’re looking for.

Remember, you can add more text to a parameter search to narrow it (for instance, year:1960-1969 “Rolling Stones”). This table gives you the different search types you can use.

Search Type Example
Genre genre:rock
Artist artist:muse
Album album:“The Resistance”
Year year:2009
Range of years year:2000-2011
Record label label:warner

You can also use the common search syntaxes AND, NOT, and OR in Spotify’s search bar (and use quotes around phrases or names you want to include or exclude):

  • AND: When you want both terms to be included (Radiohead AND live)

  • NOT: When you want to include one term but not the other (Cher NOT Sonny)

  • OR: When you want either term to be included in a search (Michael Jackson OR Jackson 5)