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Identifying Jobs in Second Life

One of the more common questions asked in Second Life (SL) is about the kinds of jobs that are available. You can find easy jobs that don’t pay all much as well as difficult, high-skilled jobs (that also sometimes don’t pay all that well). Some jobs are also dependent upon your creativity. You just have to be brave and find something you love doing in SL. Here’s a sampling of a few types of jobs available in Second Life.


Camping is the easiest, yet most boring, way to make money. In SL, when residents congregate at a location, its traffic value goes up, and it appears higher in the search rankings. As you can imagine, this is a good thing for a businessperson. Camping happen when a business person pays people to basically loiter at his business. This is usually done by sitting in chairs, dancing, or being animated to look like you’re cleaning. All you need to do is search for Camp to find hundreds of camping locations.

Although Camping pays little, it can have some benefits. If you’re just talking to someone in SL and don’t need to be near them to hold the conversation via instant message, why not sit in a chair and get paid for it while you’re talking to them?

You just can’t walk away from the computer when you’re camping. When you’re inactive for too long, Second Life logs you out. To make money by camping, you need to remain in one place and remain active in SL.

Entertainment industry

Bars and clubs are always looking for people to help out. They love dependable people who show up on time and contribute to the experience of the event or club. There is also a whole Event Planning industry. Jobs such as DJs, security, concierge, and host/hostess are usually available for those willing to put in the time.

You can also find adult entertainment occupations. Some folks make Lindens as exotic dancers or escorts. If you’re comfortable with this work, talk to people in the industry and find out as much as you can before you consider it.

Fashion industry

What people wear in SL is a huge business. Fashion and all the jobs around it are very big in SL, and are a great way to make money. You can design clothes and stores, model the clothing, or even be a virtual photographer. Several fashion magazines in SL are always looking for quality people to work with them.

Being a landlord

Another way you can make money in SL is by being a landlord or a real estate agent. You can buy land and then rent or sell parts of it.