How to Save and Organize Favorites - dummies

How to Save and Organize Favorites

By Faithe Wempen

If there’s a site you intend to revisit, you may want to save it to IE’s Favorites folder so you can easily go there again. While you are viewing the page to save, click the View Favorites, Feeds, and History button (the star) in the upper right corner of the window. Then click the Add to Favorites button. The Add a Favorite dialog box opens.


Change the name in the Name box if you want; this name will appear on your Favorites list. Then click Add.

You have a choice of where to store the favorite. By default, the Create In setting is Favorites, which means the top level of organization of the Favorites list. But you can also create and use folders to further organize your favorites into categories. Choose a folder from the Create In list when adding a favorite, or click the New Folder button there to create a new folder for it.

Then, when you want to reopen one of your favorites, click the View Favorites, Feeds, and History button again, click the Favorites tab (if needed), and click the desired favorite to revisit. If a favorite is stored in a folder, click the folder to open it. The Computers folder here contains two favorites, for example.


You can keep the Favorites list open all the time if you like. Open up the list and then click the Pin the Favorites Center icon, which is the green arrow icon in the upper left corner of the pane.

If you want to change the organization of the Favorites list, click the down arrow on the Add to Favorites button to open a menu, and then click Organize Favorites. The Organize Favorites dialog box opens. From here, you can move, rename, and delete favorites.