How to Make Your MySpace Profile Private - dummies

How to Make Your MySpace Profile Private

You can use a private profile on MySpace to limit who can view your profile information; you can narrow it down to only the individuals listed in your Friend List. Your private profile then doesn’t allow anybody you haven’t added as a friend to view your info.

When you first register on MySpace, a majority of your profile can potentially be viewed by anyone with Internet access, not just registered MySpacers. Here’s how you make your MySpace profile private, after you log in:

  1. Click the Edit Profile link directly under the welcome message.

  2. Click the Privacy link.

    In the Settings: Privacy window, scroll down until you see the Profile Viewable By options.

    Select the My Friends Only radio button.

To set your profile to private mode, change the selection from Everyone to the My Friends Only option. Click the Save All Changes button. A message appears above the Privacy Settings box, letting you know that your privacy settings have been updated.


With your profile set to private, non-MySpacers can’t view your profile at all, and you’ll have to add any registered MySpacers to your Friend List before they can view your full MySpace profile.

So what happens when you use a private profile?

  • A private profile offers automatic protection for young MySpacers: By default, any MySpace user who is older than 14 but younger than 18 is given a private profile.

  • Granting full profile access to only your friends is a smart idea: By creating a private profile, you can allow only those you’re already friends with to see the information that you add to your space. If you become friends with someone new and want to let them see your full profile, simply add them to your MySpace Friend List.

  • Flexibility of profile settings gives you control: Nothing that you change in your settings, such as making your profile private, is permanent. You can also alternate between a private and public profile.