Print, Save, and Change Settings for TI-Nspire Documents - dummies

Print, Save, and Change Settings for TI-Nspire Documents

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

You can print the contents of a TI-Nspire document. Choose File→Print and customize to fit your needs. Following are three items that you might like to customize when you print a TI-Nspire document:

  • Select an option from the Print What field:

    • Viewable Screen: Prints the viewable window with no scrolling.

    • Print All: Prints any text or data that you have to scroll to see.

  • Customize the Pages per Sheet field: 1, 4, and 8 are available options.

  • Deselect the Group Pages by Problem check box to save paper.


On the File menu is a command called Save to Handheld; this accomplishes exactly what it says. If a handheld is connected to your computer, the Save to Handheld command is no longer grayed out, and you can use it to save your TI-Nspire document directly to your handheld.

You can save a file as read only if you don’t want anyone to change the file you saved. To accomplish this, click File→Document Properties→Protection and check the box that says, “Save this document as Read Only.”

In TI-Nspire Computer Software, you have two additional locations from which to access the settings. One way to access the settings is to click the File drop-down menu and choose Settings. Or, you can move your mouse near the bottom of the screen, look for the word Settings on the status bar, double-click the word, and customize your settings to your liking.