Move from and Hide Entry Lines on TI-Nspire Graphs

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

You can move to the work area or hide the entry line on a graph you have created on the TI-Nspire. After you press [ENTER] to graph an equation, a movable cursor appears in the work area and the entry line closes.

Move from the entry line to the work area

If your cursor is in the entry line and you would like to move to the work area, you have a few options.

To move to the work area, press [ESC]. Alternatively, press [TAB] twice to move to the work area, which will make the entry line turn dark gray. To move back to the entry line, press [TAB] once.

Hide the entry line

If you want the work area to be slightly larger, it is a good idea to hide the entry line. Clicking the chevrons in the lower-left corner of the screen will toggle the entry line to open or closed.


Another way to hide the entry line is to press [MENU]→View→Hide Entry Line. To show the entry line, press [MENU]→View→Show Entry Line.

You can toggle between Hide Entry Line and Show Entry Line by simply pressing the shortcut key sequence [CTRL][G].