Moving from Studying Business to Working in Business - dummies

Moving from Studying Business to Working in Business

By Richard Pettinger

Part of Business Studies For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So, you’re studying for a career in business? Whether this be working for a business or running your own, read through these handy hints to help ease your transition from study to work:

  • Whatever job you take on, make sure that it informs your study of business. If you are working on the tills in a shop or in a burger restaurant, take time to understand the operations and see how these contribute to the business.

  • If you get the opportunity for more substantial work including internships, take them. Internships help to shape your future career and aspirations as well as providing a substantial basis on which to relate your studies.

  • Get involved in project work whenever possible. Many organisations and institutions run business competitions based on case studies and projects. If these kinds of opportunities come your way, grasp them with both hands.

  • Whenever you’re travelling or away from home, take time to identify and understand any cultural differences in the approach to business in those places. Observe how business is conducted and the behavioural patterns related. Recognise that in order to be successful, it’s important to understand international as well as domestic customers and habits.

  • Get to know and understand people at work. As you’re gaining experience observe what makes people happy or otherwise. Observe people’s attitudes to work and understand why they hold these attitudes (positive and negative).

  • Never be afraid to do the ‘dirty work’- whatever this may be. Once you undertake a task, do it to the best of your ability.

  • Observe the effectiveness or otherwise, with which you’re managed and supervised. Note the behaviours that successful and effective supervisors have, and use these as the basis to build your own management and supervisory style for the future.

  • Always look for opportunities, wherever these may occur!