How to Visit an Art Museum - dummies

How to Visit an Art Museum

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Even if you’re not a professional curator or art director, you can visit an art museum the ways the pros do. Just use the tips in the following list:

  • Get a postcard: Postcards are cheaper and are a whole lot easier to lug around than three-pound guide books. When you lose your way, simply flash a postcard at a guard and get directions quickly.

  • Make a wish list: If you go in a small group, write down the three items you’d like to steal — that is, the three best works in the entire collection. It’s amusing to compare notes.

  • Look at what you don’t like: Go to the galleries containing materials you just know you don’t like. Also find out what section of the museum is the least visited and take a look. Wonderful finds may come out of that.

  • Become a member of the museum: Become a member of the museum even for a day’s visit: for freebies, discounts at the gift shops, and for the warm feeling you’ll get when you know you’ve become a lifelong supporter of a place that honors beauty, artistic excellence, and the truth.

  • Listen to some music: Bring along a portable CD or tape player and listen to classical music.