Working the Lock Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S - dummies

Working the Lock Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By Dan Gookin

The Galaxy Tab has six locks for its Lock screen that you can utilize. These locks provide extra security, although most of the locks aren’t considered that secure. Here are the available locks:

  • Swipe: The standard screen lock. Swipe your finger on the screen to unlock the device.

  • Pattern: Trace a preset pattern over the nine dots on the screen.

  • Fingerprint: Rub your finger or thumb over the Home button to unlock the device. This screen lock is available only the Galaxy Tab S.

  • PIN: Type a number to unlock the device.

  • Password: Type a password, which can include letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • None: The device features no Lock screen; you can use the tablet immediately.

One of these locks appears when you turn on or unlock the tablet. Or in the case of the None setting, no lock appears.

The basic unlocking screen.
The basic unlocking screen.
  • The most secure locks are PIN and Password. The Pattern and Fingerprint are moderately secure, although not foolproof. The None and Swipe settings are not considered secure.

  • When the Swipe lock is enabled, you may see some startup app icons on the Lock screen. Swipe an icon by dragging it with your finger, and that app starts.

  • The Lock screen won’t appear when the None screen lock is chosen.

  • The PIN and Password locks are required for certain tablet security settings, such as when you have a kid’s account configured or you use the tablet to access a secure email system.

  • Screen locks are configured by using the Settings app.