Shopping an Electronic Catalog on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

You can shop electronic catalogs on your Tab S2 NOOK. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, there were basically only two ways to shop: going to a retail store on Main Street or buying from a catalog, which was called mail order.

At one time, companies like Sears, Roebuck would produce huge catalogs of hundreds of items. It was a great entertainment to read the catalog from cover to cover, dreaming of tools and toys, shoes and sofas. You’d mail in your order with a check, and a week or two later a truck would appear with the goodies.

Almost all of the big catalogs have gone away now, replaced by the nearly infinite capacity of the Internet and its up-to-the-second inventory counts. But a few specialty catalogs have held on, and now with the NOOK they’ve become a hybrid life form that brings together old and new in exciting ways.

Within the NOOK Store, you can subscribe to a single issue of a catalog or agree to receive each issue as it comes; most are produced quarterly or monthly, and nearly all are free.

The catalogs are produced in great style, with colorful pictures and illustrations. Some of them also include interactive hotspots: Tap them to visit a web page that might include video or other interactive material. Now you not only can read all the details of the latest satellite-connected self-driving auto-sharpening lawnmower with built-in refrigerator and barbecue grill, but you can see it in use.

You flip through the pages of a catalog just as you do a magazine.

The Sharper Image presents a sharp image on the Tab S2 NOOK, with beautiful photos and videos to de
The Sharper Image presents a sharp image on the Tab S2 NOOK, with beautiful photos and videos to demonstrate all sort of products you never knew you needed.

Your tablet must have an active Wi-Fi connection to the web to view the hotspots. Some catalog companies may allow you to place an order directly from within the pages, again by venturing out on the web.

By default, all catalog hotspots are available to you. If you want to turn off the hotpots, you can do that:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon and then tap the NOOK Settings icon.

  2. Tap Reader.

  3. Tap Enable HotSpots to turn them on or off.