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How to Set Up Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

The first step in using your new Galaxy Tab is setting it up. Odds are good that the folks who sold you the Galaxy Tab have already done some preconfiguration. In the United States, the Tab is available primarily from cellular phone providers, and getting digital cellular service is a usual part of purchasing the Tab.

If you have a cellular (non–Wi-Fi) Tab, it’s most likely been unboxed and set up by the Phone Store people. That’s a necessary step for a 4G Tab before you can unbox and set up the Galaxy Tab for yourself.

Inside the box of your Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab fits snugly inside its box. Remove the device by locating and lifting a cardboard tab at the side of the box.

After liberating your Galaxy Tab, remove the plastic sheet that’s clinging to the device’s front and back.

In the box’s bottom compartment, you may find

  • A USB cable: You can use it to connect the Tab to a computer or a wall charger.

  • A wall charger: It comes in two pieces. The larger piece has the USB connector, and the smaller piece is customized for your locality’s wall sockets.

  • Earbud-style earphones: The Wi-Fi Tab comes with a set of earphones for listening to the Tab’s music and other media.

  • Pamphlets with warnings and warranty information

  • A Gift Certificate for the Media Hub: If you’re lucky, you might find a $25 gift certificate for the Samsung Media Hub app.

  • The 4G SIM card holder: For the cellular Tab, you’ll need a 4G SIM card. The Phone Store people may have tossed its credit card-sized holder into the box as well.

Go ahead and free the USB cable and power charger from their clear plastic cocoons. Assemble the power charger’s two pieces, which fit so snugly together that you’ll probably never be able to pry them apart.

How to charge your Galaxy Tab battery

The first thing you should do with your Galaxy Tab is give it a full charge. Obey these steps:

  1. Assemble the wall adapter that came with the Tab.

  2. Attach the USB cable to the Galaxy Tab.

    The side of the cable end that’s labeled Samsung faces you as you’re looking at the front of the Tab.

  3. Attach the other end of the USB cable to the wall adapter.

  4. Plug the wall adapter into the wall.

Upon success, you may see a large Battery icon appear on the Galaxy Tab touchscreen. The icon gives you an idea of the current battery-power level and lets you know that the Galaxy Tab is functioning properly, though you shouldn’t be alarmed if the Battery icon fails to appear.

  • Your Galaxy Tab most likely came partially charged from the factory, though you should still give it an initial charge just in case, as well as to familiarize yourself with the process.

  • The USB cable is used for charging the Galaxy Tab and for connecting it to a computer to share information or exchange files or use the Galaxy Tab as a computer modem.

  • You can also charge the Tab by connecting it to a computer’s USB port. As long as the computer is on, the Tab charges.

  • The battery charges more efficiently if you plug it into a wall rather than charge it from a computer’s USB port.

  • The Galaxy Tab does not feature a removable battery.