How to Put Shortcuts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Home Screen

By Dan Gookin

A shortcut is a doodad you can place on the Galaxy Tab Home screen that’s neither an app nor a widget. Instead, a shortcut is a handy way to get at a feature or an informational tidbit stored in the Samsung Galaxy Tab without having to endure complex gyrations.

To add a shortcut, touch the Customize icon button on the Home screen and choose the More category on the Customize screen. Choose an item to add from the list. What happens next depends on which shortcut you choose.

For example, when you choose a bookmark, you add a web page bookmark to the Home screen. Touch that shortcut to open the Browser app and pluck the web page from your list of bookmarks.

When you choose a Contact shortcut, you will be guided create a shortcut to display contact information for a specific person.

A nerdy, but nonetheless handy, shortcut to add is the Settings shortcut. After choosing this item, you can select from a number of on–off options or status items that can appear on the Home screen as widgets.