Galaxy Tab: How to Print Your Pictures - dummies

Galaxy Tab: How to Print Your Pictures

By Dan Gookin

A trick you wouldn’t expect to find on a portable gizmo is the ability to print your lovely photos. The Galaxy Tab is more than up to the task, if you have a Bluetooth printer and you’ve survived the ordeal of connecting (pairing) the printer to your Tab.

When you have the Tab and a Bluetooth printer paired and on speaking terms, obey these steps to print an image in the gallery:

  1. Ensure that the Tab’s Bluetooth wireless radio is on.

  2. Ensure that the Bluetooth printer is on, that its Bluetooth radio is on, and that the printer is stocked with ink and paper, ready to print.

  3. Open the Gallery app and browse to find the image you want to enshrine on paper.

  4. Touch the Share button.

    You see a menu of places and methods by which you can share the image.

  5. Choose Bluetooth.


  6. Choose the Bluetooth printer from the Bluetooth Device Picker window.

  7. If prompted by the printer, confirm that the image upload is okay.

    Not every Bluetooth printer has such a prompt; some just go ahead and print the image.

Bluetooth printing isn’t perfect. For example, your Galaxy Tab may not recognize the Bluetooth printer. It happens. As an alternative, you can attach an image to an e-mail message, send it to yourself, and then print it from your computer.