Galaxy Tab: How to Add Skype Contacts - dummies

Galaxy Tab: How to Add Skype Contacts

By Dan Gookin

Text, voice, and video chat on Skype over the Internet are free. If you can use a Wi-Fi connection from your Galaxy Tab, you can chat without incurring a loss of your cellular plan’s data quota. Before you can talk, however, you need to connect with another Skype user.

The other person must have a Skype account and agree to your request to become a Skype contact.

The Skype app can scan your Galaxy Tab’s address book (the Contacts list) for any potential Skype subscribers you may have missed. The operation can take some time — like over an hour — though it’s worthwhile. To find your friends on Skype, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the Contacts button on the Skype app’s main screen.

  2. Touch the bottom Menu icon button.

  3. Choose Search Address Book.

    You most likely already have a gaggle of contacts in your Tab. The Skype app can scour your Contacts list and discover which ones are already on Skype.

  4. Touch the Continue button.

    This operation can take some time (possibly more than an hour). Be patient.

    You can snooze the Tab while Skype is plowing through your Contacts list.

    Eventually, you see a list of Skype contacts that the Skype app has found in your Contacts list.

  5. Touch the Continue button.

    The Skype app lists all contacts it could find who have Skype accounts.

  6. Remove the check marks by the contacts you don’t want to add.

    If you add all the contacts, a Skype request is sent to each one. If you don’t want to send a request to someone in the list, remove the check mark by that contact’s name.

    Skype searches for matching text, not for individuals, so random and unusual Skype contacts doubtlessly show up in the list, especially ones that list multiple Skype names.

  7. Touch the Add button.

  8. Type an introductory message.

  9. Touch the Add Contacts button.

    The contacts are added to the Contacts tab, but they sport a question mark status until they agree to accept your Skype invitation.

If scanning the Galaxy Tab’s Contacts list doesn’t do the job, you search for a specific contact:

  1. Touch the Contacts button on the Skype app’s main screen.

  2. Touch the bottom Menu icon button.

  3. Choose Add Contacts.

  4. Type the contact’s name or phone number.

  5. Touch the Search icon button to start the search.

  6. Scroll the list of results to find the exact person you’re looking for.

    If your friend has a common name, the list will be quite extensive. You can use city information to help narrow the list, but not every Skype user specifies a current city. The Skype username may also help you identify specific people.

  7. Touch an entry to add it to your Contacts list.

    You see a full-page description for the contact, where you can choose to call him, chat on Skype, or add him to your Contacts list.

  8. Touch the Add button.

No matter how you add people to your list, you see the question mark icon as a person’s status until he agrees to accept your request.

  • You can always e-mail people you know and ask them whether they’re on Skype.

  • Some people may not use Skype often, so it takes a while for them to respond to your friend request.

  • If you accidentally add unusual or odd Skype contacts, it is a good idea to delete them. To remove a contact, long-press that contact’s name in the list and choose the command Remove Contact from the pop-up menu.

  • You can block a contact by long-pressing his entry and choosing the command Block Contact from the pop-up menu.