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Basics of the Google Play Store on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

People love to shop when they’re buying something they want or when they’re spending someone else’s money. With your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can buy apps, games, music, magazines, movies, TV shows, and books at the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store may sound like the place where you can go buy outerwear for children, but it’s really an online place where you go to pick up new goodies for your tablet. You can browse, you can get free stuff, you can pay. It all happens at the Play Store.

  • Officially, it’s the Google Play Store. It may also be referenced as Google Play. The app, however, is named Play Store.

  • The Google Play Store was once known as Android Market, and you may still see it referred to as the Market.

  • App is short for application. It’s a program, or software, you can add to your tablet to make it do new, wondrous, or useful things.

  • All apps you download can be found on the Apps screen. Further, apps you download have shortcut icons placed on the Home screen.

  • You obtain items from the Google Play Store by downloading them to your tablet. That file transfer works best at top speeds; therefore:

  • You should connect your cellular tablet to a Wi-Fi network if you plan to obtain apps, books, or movies at the Play Store. Not only does Wi-Fi give you speed, but it also helps avoid data surcharges.

  • The Play Store app is frequently updated, so its look may change. Updated information on the Google Play Store is available at Wambooli Dispatch.