How to Build Shelves in Your NOOK Tablet Library - dummies

How to Build Shelves in Your NOOK Tablet Library

By Corey Sandler

You can build your own shelves. Separate them as you see fit to organize your collection. When your NOOK Tablet arrives, it includes just one shelf: Favorites. But you can add shelves to hold your vast collection of For Dummies eBooks, a few dozen of your favorite fiction titles, and a special place for your cookbooks.


Create a shelf on your NOOK Tablet Library

You can create any shelf you want and call it anything you like. To create a shelf, do this:

  1. In My Library, tap My Stuff.

  2. Tap Create a New Shelf.

  3. Type a name for the shelf.

  4. Tap Submit.

Add items to a NOOK Tablet shelf

Now you need to move things to your shelf. To add items:

  1. Highlight a book in the list of items in your Library.

  2. Tap Shelves.

  3. Tap Place On or Remove From Shelf.

  4. Tap a shelf.

    You can rename a previously created shelf by tapping Rename a Shelf on the touchscreen. To remove a shelf, tap Remove a Shelf; tap OK to confirm.

In some rare cases you may need to unlock a book or periodical that you bought through Barnes & Noble and that’s protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM). In that case just enter your name, the e-mail address associated with the B&N account, and the credit card number that you used to make the purchase.