How to Create an Unlock Pattern on Your Nexus 7 - dummies

How to Create an Unlock Pattern on Your Nexus 7

One of the most common ways to lock the Nexus 7 is to apply an unlock pattern: The pattern must be traced exactly as it was created to unlock the device and get access to your apps and other features.

  1. Summon the Choose Screen Lock window.

  2. Choose Pattern.

    If you’ve not yet set a pattern lock, you may see a tutorial describing the process. Touch the Next button to skip over the dreary directions.

  3. Trace an unlock pattern.

    You can trace over the dots in any order, but you can trace over a dot only once. The pattern must cover at least four dots.


  4. Touch the Continue button.

  5. Redraw the pattern.

    You need to prove to the doubtful tablet that you know the pattern.

  6. Touch the Confirm button.

    And the pattern lock is set.

Ensure that a check mark appears by the option Make Pattern Visible on the Screen Security Window. The check mark ensures that the pattern shows up. For even more security, you can disable the option, but you have to be sure to remember how — and where — the pattern goes.

  • To remove the pattern lock, set either None or Slide as the type of lock.

  • Wash your hands! Smudge marks on the display can betray your pattern.