Using the Second Screen Feature with Kindle Fire HDX

By Nancy C. Muir

A few months after the launch of Kindle Fire HDX, a new feature called Second Screen will be available. Second Screen, which uses a technology called Miracast, allows you to “fling” movies and TV shows to your television. Second Screen streams the content to your TV and frees up your Kindle Fire HDX to use its other apps and features as you wish. You can also use your Kindle Fire HDX to control playback and display X-Ray information about the movie or show you’re watching.

Whenever you’re viewing a movie or TV show on your Kindle Fire HDX, you’ll tap the Second Screen icon to send it to your TV or media streaming device.

When it first appears, Second Screen will be available for PlayStation 3 and Samsung Smart TVs, but other Miracast-enabled devices will no doubt be added in the future.