Streaming versus Downloading on Your Kindle Fire - dummies

Streaming versus Downloading on Your Kindle Fire

When you tap the Video button on the Kindle Fire Home screen, you’re immediately taken to the Amazon Video Store, rather than to a library of video titles. That makes sense because, by design, Kindle Fire is best used to stream videos from the Cloud.

The device’s relatively small memory (8GB) can’t accommodate a large number of video files, so instead, Amazon makes it easy for you to stream video to the device without ever downloading it. To go to your Video library, tap the Library button in the top-right corner.


Video content might include Prime Instant Videos, a feature which offers thousands of titles for free with an Amazon Prime account. (You get one free month of Amazon Prime with your Kindle Fire, after which you can purchase a membership for $79 a year.) You can also purchase or rent other video programs and stream them from the Cloud.


Amazon’s Whispersync technology keeps track of the spot in a video where you stopped watching. You can later resume watching that video at that exact location on Kindle Fire, a PC or Mac, or one of over 300 compatible TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, or other devices.

You can download videos you purchase (you can’t download Prime Instant Videos, however), which is useful if you want to watch them away from a Wi-Fi connection. It’s a good idea to remove them from the device when you’re done to save space.

To delete a video from your device, open the Video library and tap the Device tab. Press and hold your finger on the video, and then tap Remove from Device in the menu that appears.