Settings for Notifications and Quiet Time on Your Fire Tablet - dummies

Settings for Notifications and Quiet Time on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

Swipe down from the top of any screen on your Fire tablet and tap Settings, and then tap Notifications & Quiet Time. Here’s what these two settings control.


Note that a shortcut for turning Quiet Time on and off is located in Quick Settings for the 6-inch and 7-inch models of Fire. That setting is replaced by Firefly in the 8.9-inch Fire.

The Notifications setting is all about how your Fire tablet lets you know about an event, such as a completed download or incoming message. Notifications may come from the arrival of a new email or a completed download, or an app might notify you of something (such as an appointment reminder from a calendar app that you may have downloaded).

Notifications can be shown in the notification tray that appears when you swipe down from the top of the screen, or they can display a banner or play a sound.

The figure shows a list apps that you can tap to select how you’re notified about events related to them. For example, tap Clock and you can choose to show alarms in the notification tray; to show a banner style notification, or to play a notification sound.

Quiet Time turns off any notifications when you’re performing certain types of actions or during a scheduled time. You can turn on Quiet Time and it stays in effect until you turn it off.

You can use the Quiet Time settings shown here to turn Quiet Time on or off, or set up a schedule of quiet times — for example, every day when it’s time for your baby’s nap or your yoga retreat.


Tap the Quiet Time button to turn off audible alerts, and tap it again to turn them on. You can also set up a schedule for Quiet Time to activate, or tap one of the four preset check boxes to turn it on when you’re performing specific activities, such as watching a movie or TV or listening to audiobooks.

To set up a scheduled Quiet Time, follow these steps from the Notifications & Quiet Time settings:

  1. Tap the Schedule Quiet Time button to turn this feature on.

  2. Use the From and To scroll bars to select start and end times for your Quiet Time.

  3. Tap the Set Time button.