How to Buy Video for Your Kindle Fire - dummies

How to Buy Video for Your Kindle Fire

You should definitely check out the experience of consuming your video programs on a portable device such as Kindle Fire. From lying in bed or on the beach to watching your videos while waiting in line at the bank, portability can be a very convenient feature.

When you tap Video on the Kindle Fire Home screen, you’re instantly taken to the Amazon Video Store.


Across the top of the screen, you see thumbnails of items in the Prime Instant Videos category. Beneath these thumbnails is a horizontally scrolling list of thumbnails for movies from $2.99. Beneath this list are thumbnails of items in the category of TV Shows from $1.99.

Tap an item, and a descriptive screen appears. For TV shows, this screen includes episode prices and a set of Season tabs. For movies, this screen offers Watch Trailer, Purchase Options, and 48 Hour Rental buttons.

Tap an episode Price button or a movie Purchase Options button, and the button becomes a Watch Now button. Tap the Watch Now button, and the TV show or movie starts to play.

Tap the 48 Hour Rental button for movies, and you see a Rent button. Tap this, and you’re immediately charged for the rental. The 48-hour rental period begins when you start to watch the movie.