Forward and Reply to E-Mail on Your Kindle Fire HD - dummies

Forward and Reply to E-Mail on Your Kindle Fire HD

By Nancy C. Muir

When you receive an e-mail on your Kindle Fire HD, you can choose to reply to the sender, reply to the sender and anybody else who was included as an addressee on the original message, or forward the e-mail to another person.

If you reply to all recipients, you send an answer to the sender, anybody else in the To field of the original message, and anybody in the Cc and Bcc fields. Because Bcc fields aren’t visible to you as a recipient, you may be sending your reply to people you’re not aware of.

To forward or reply to an e-mail, with the Email app inbox displayed, follow these steps:

  1. Tap an e-mail to open it.

  2. Tap the Respond button.

    A menu of options appears.

  3. Tap Reply, Reply All, or Forward.


  4. If you’re forwarding the message, enter a new recipient.

    If you’re replying, the message is already addressed, but you can enter additional recipients if you want to.

  5. Tap in the message area and enter your message.

  6. Tap the Send button to send your message on its way.

When you read a message, you can tell that it has been marked as read when the sender’s name is no longer shown in bold.

To mark it as unread again, perhaps to draw your attention to it so you read it again, tap on the box to the left of the e-mail in your inbox and then tap the Mark button in the top-right corner of the screen. To delete an e-mail from your inbox, select it and tap the Delete button.