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Buy Content from Amazon for Your Kindle Fire

Amazon started as an online book retailer, although through the years, it has branched out to become the largest retailer of just about everything. Kindle Fire makes it easy for you to buy your content from Amazon. Although you can buy and sideload content from other sources to Kindle Fire, buying from Amazon ensures that you’re dealing with a reputable company and receiving safe content (uncontaminated by malware).

The content you buy from Amazon is automatically downloaded to your Kindle device, which means that not only buying from Amazon’s bookstore is easy, but you can take advantage of their vast selection of books. In addition, you can borrow Kindle versions of books from many public libraries.

Amazon has also made deals to make many of your favorite magazines and newspapers available. With magazines and newspapers, you can buy the current issue or subscribe to get multiple issues sent to your Kindle Fire as they become available.

To buy books or magazines for your Kindle Fire, on the Home screen, tap either the Books or Newsstand button, which takes you to your Books or Magazine library.

Tap the Store button; this takes you to the Amazon Kindle bookstore.

You can also buy content at the Amazon website from your computer and have it download to your Kindle Fire. Just select what device you want it delivered to from the drop-down list below the Add to Cart button before you buy Kindle content.

Amazon uses a technology called Whispersync to download books and magazines to your devices. Kindle Fire uses a Wi-Fi connection, so you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot to download publications.