What You Can Do with iPad General Settings - dummies

What You Can Do with iPad General Settings

By Nancy C. Muir

Use iPad’s General settings to set up basic functionality for your everyday use. You access the General settings by tapping the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tapping General.

Setting Description
About Information about downloaded content, apps, memory, iPad serial
number and model, and your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses, plus
support, and legal and regulatory jargon.
Software Update Check this for updates to the iPad operating system.
Siri Settings for turning the Siri voice command assistant on,
changing the language, choosing hands-free only or all-voice
feedback, and choosing whose information Siri uses from the
Contacts app.
Spotlight Search Access settings for the types of content the iPad search
feature returns in search results and the order in which results
are presented.
Handoff & Suggested Apps Turn on Handoff to be able to pick up something started on one
device on another, such as listening to music or reading a
Multitasking Allow more than one app to appear in the multitasking view,
allow videos to continue playing when in multitasking mode, and
enable Multitasking Gestures to use four or five fingers for
certain actions.
Accessibility Set features for people with visual, hearing, or dexterity
Lock Rotation Tap to set up the Side Switch to lock screen rotation.
Mute Tap to set up the Side Switch to mute sounds.
Storage and iCloud Usage Displays total iCloud storage, battery usage, and if you have a
Wi-Fi and 3G/4G iPad model, shows data usage on the cellular
Auto-Lock Set the amount of time for inactivity at which iPad
automatically auto-locks the screen.
Restrictions Set restrictions on Safari, YouTube, and iTunes, as well as
restrict installation of applications and location services.
Specify allowed content for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and
Lock/Unlock When on this feature automatically locks and unlocks iPad when
the iPad cover is closed.
Date & Time Choose 24-hour time and time zone and set the correct date and
Keyboard Set correction features of the keyboard such as
Auto-Capitalization and spelling check.
Language & Region Specify the language for onscreen information and keyboard.
Choose region format for date, time, and phone numbers.
iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Settings for syncing with iTunes on a computer on a local
VPN Add a configuration for a virtual private network.
Regulatory A list of all regulatory compliances such as FCC and other
countries’ similar regulations.
Reset Reset all settings or selected settings to factory defaults,
such as network or keyboard.