What Can You Ask Siri on Your iPad?

The beauty of Siri on your iPad is that there’s no designated protocol you must follow when talking to her. Asking, “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” produces the same result as “What is the weather forecast around here?”


If you’re not sure what to ask, tap the circled ? to list sample questions or commands. You can actually tap any of these examples to see even more samples.


Here are some ways Siri can lend a hand . . . um, a voice:

  • FaceTime: “FaceTime phone number my wife.”

  • Music: “Play Frank Sinatra” or “Play iTunes Radio.”

  • Messages: “Send a message to Nancy to reschedule lunch.”

  • Calendar: “Set up a meeting for 9 A.M. to discuss funding.”

  • Reminders: “Remind me to take my medicine at 8 A.M. tomorrow.”

  • Maps: “Find an ATM near here.”

  • Mail: “Mail the tenant about the recent rent check.”

  • Stocks: “What’s Apple’s stock price?”

  • Web search: “Who was the 19th president of the United States?”

  • WolframAlpha: “How many calories are in a blueberry muffin?”

  • Clock: “Wake me up at 8:30 in the morning.”

  • Sports: “Who is pitching for the Yankees tonight?

  • Trivia: “Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2003?”

  • Twitter: “Send tweet, ‘Going on vacation,’ smiley-face emoticon’” or “What is trending on Twitter?”