Viewing Individual Photos on Your iPad - dummies

Viewing Individual Photos on Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

Your iPad sport a great camera for all those great shots of the grandkids. The iPad also makes it easy to view those photos, because that’s where all the reminiscing happens.

  1. Tap the Photos app icon on the Home screen.

    The Photos app opens.

  2. Tap the Photos button at the bottom of the screen.

    Your photos are displayed by criteria, such as a time taken or location.


  3. To view a photo, from the Photos view, tap the photo to view it.


    Place your fingers on the photo and then spread your fingers apart. The picture expands.

  4. Flick your finger to the left or right to scroll through the album and look at the individual photos in it.

To reduce the individual photo and return to the multipicture view, place two fingers on the photo and then pinch them together. You can also tap the arrow button in the top-left corner (which may display different words depending on where you are in a collection of photos) to view the next-highest level of your photo collection.

A new feature called Live Photos lets you take photos on an iPhone and the 1.5 second of action on either side of the moment of capture is recorded. When you tap one of these photos in the Photos app on your iPad, it plays back like a very short video.

You can place a photo from the Photos app on a person’s information page in the Contacts app.