Turning Off Alignment and Size Indicators in iBooks Author - dummies

Turning Off Alignment and Size Indicators in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

When you drag an object or resize it in iBooks Author, alignment and size indicators appear. When iBooks Author detects that one or more of your boundaries is close to that of another object, it displays these indicators so that you can ensure proper alignment with nearby objects, if that’s your goal.

You can turn these indicators off, if you prefer, by following these steps:

  1. Choose iBooks Author→Preferences or press Command+, (comma).

    The Preferences dialog box opens to the General pane. (Click the General icon button to go to it if you’re working in another pane.)

  2. In the General pane, select the Show Size and Position When Moving Objects check box.


  3. (Optional) Click the Rulers icon button to open the Rulers pane, and then specify the display options for these indicators.

    You also set the ruler increments’ values, alignment guides’ colors and positions relative to objects, and object size and position indicators’ color and values in the Rulers pane.

  4. When done, close the Preferences dialog box by clicking its Close box.

If you select multiple objects, iBooks Author can align them for you. Choose Format→Arrange Objects, and then choose the desired alignment from the submenu, which contains the options Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle, or Bottom. All objects are aligned with the object furthest in the direction you select. For example, if you choose Left, all selected objects are aligned to the leftmost object in the group.

If you select multiple objects, you can have iBooks Author distribute them evenly: Choose Format→Distribute Objects→Horizontally (or Vertically), depending on how you want to distribute them.

If the objects are already spaced so that they don’t overlap in the direction in which you’re distributing them, the objects are kept within the area they currently occupy and spaced evenly within that area. But if the objects overlap in the direction in which you’re distributing them, iBooks Author moves them so that they don’t overlap; instead, it has them abut each other along the chosen direction, which enlarges the area the group occupies.