Purchase iBooks for Your iPad from the App Store - dummies

Purchase iBooks for Your iPad from the App Store

To start reading iBooks on your iPad and using your iPad as an e-reader, you have to fetch the iBooks app in the App Store. As you might imagine, the app is free, and it comes with access to Apple’s iBooks Store. The iBooks Store is an inviting place to browse and shop for books 24 hours a day.

All the other books you end up purchasing for your iPad library turn up on the handsome wooden bookshelf.


The following basics help you navigate the iBooks main screen:

  • Change the view: If you prefer to view a list of your books rather than use this Bookshelf view, tap the button toward the upper-right corner of the screen. In this view, you can sort the list by title, author, or category, or you can rearrange where books appear on the bookshelf.


  • Rearrange books in Bookshelf view: Hold your finger on the book you want to move. Wait a second or two, and it will increase in size slightly to let you know it’s now movable. Without lifting your finger, drag the book to its new location and then release.

  • Rearrange books in List view: Tap Edit (in the upper-right corner) and then press the three horizontal lines to the right of the book you want to move. Now drag the book up or down the list.

  • Remove a book from the bookshelf: In either view, tap Edit and then tap the book(s) you want to remove. Each book you tap displays a check mark; tap the book again to remove the check mark and thus deselect the book. When all the books you want to delete have check marks, tap either the Delete This Copy or Delete From All Devices button at top left.

    As with other content you purchase from Apple, you can restore (download) any book you’ve purchased from the Purchased tab of the iBooks Store.

  • Organize books by collections: If you have a vast library of e-books, you might want to organize titles by genre or subject by creating collections of like-minded works. You might have collections of mysteries, classics, biographies, children’s books, how-to’s, textbooks, even all the For Dummies books you own.

    Apple has already created two collections on your behalf: Books for all titles and PDFs for the Adobe PDF files you may have on your iPad. (Apple doesn’t let you edit or remove the premade Books or PDFs collections.) After you buy one or more titles through the store, Apple creates a Purchased Books collection.

    To create, rename, or remove a collection of your own, tap the Collections button to show off your current list of collections and choose from the following options:

    • Tap New to add a new collection.

    • Tap Edit and the red circle with the white dash to delete a collection. Tap Delete to finish the job.

      If the collection has books in it, you’re asked whether you want to remove the contents of this collection from your iPad. If you choose not to remove them, they’re returned to their original collections (Books, PDFs, or any other collection).

    • If you want to change the name of a collection, tap its name.

    • If you want to move a book or PDF to a collection, go to the bookshelf, tap Edit, tap each work you want to move, and then tap Move. Select the new collection for these titles.

A book can reside only in one collection at a time, with the noted exception of the Purchased Books collection.