Plan Trips with the Kayak iPad App - dummies

Plan Trips with the Kayak iPad App

You may be familiar with Kayak as an online travel service, or you may have used the company’s iPhone apps. Either way, you should check out Kayak Explore for iPad. This free app offers the standard flight search features, but it also has some cool features that can help you have a little fun, too.

Kayak claims to offer the fastest flight search in the world. The interface is straightforward and easy to use and understand. Plug in your From and To airports, your Departure and Return dates, number of passengers, class of flight (Economy, Business, First), and whether you prefer nonstop flights, and then tap Search.


You get a list of all the flights from the major airlines that service the route you entered. A progress bar lets you know the status of your search. You can order the search results by Price, Airline, Stops, Duration, and Class (some search results may include a mix of Classes, even though you specified a particular class). You can also toggle any particular airline (or other factors) on or off from a list on the right side of the screen.

There’s also a pane called Hot Searches from Your Departure City that shows some great deals to random cities from the departure city you entered. These are deals that other Kayak users found, and you never know when you might see a destination or killer price that strikes your fancy.

Under the Filter pane, tap the Price tab to get a slider that limits your search results from the cheapest flight in the list to a maximum price. This can limit the amount of scrolling you need to do.

You can also search for cars and hotels, and there’s a Deals section that includes various vacation packages and other travel deals to and from different cities around the world.

But it gets even cooler because of the three tabs at the bottom of the screen. The When tab lets you specify a date range; What lets you specify activities (Golf, Beach, Gambling, Skiing) and a temperature range (how cool is that?); and the Flight tab lets you specify whether you want nonstop flights and a maximum travel time. Tweak these as you want, and the dots (or rectangles) are filtered accordingly!

Under the Settings menu, you can specify the currency you want to see your prices in. It defaults to U.S. dollars, but there are a dozen currencies to choose from.