The New Apple ID Settings for Your iPad - dummies

The New Apple ID Settings for Your iPad

By Bob LeVitus, Edward C. Baig, Bryan Chaffin

If you’re familiar with iOS Settings, the first thing you’ll notice in the iOS 11 Settings app is the section at the top with your Apple ID info. You’ll see your name, the avatar you selected when you set up your device, and an arrow indicating that more settings are a tap away.

Tap through, as shown in the figure, and you’ll find a variety of settings for Apple ID, including some that once resided elsewhere, such as iCloud:

  • Personal Details: Edit your name, phone numbers, and email addresses associated with your Apple ID.
  • Password & Security: Turn on or off two-factor authentication (we recommend that you turn it on), as well as trusted phone numbers for your account.
  • iCloud: See the amount of total and available storage. Tap Manage Storage to, well, manage your iCloud storage, taking note of all your iOS backups. If need be, you can buy more storage. Tap Change Storage Plan to get started.
  • iTunes & App Store: Use this shortcut to the iTunes & App Store section.
  • Family Sharing: Manage your iCloud Family Sharing plan or set one up.
  • Devices: View a handy list of every device associated with your Apple ID. Tap through to any of them and you’ll see the device’s Find My Mac and Find My iPhone settings, model name, operating system version, and serial number. You can also remove from your account any device except the iPad you’re using.
  • Sign Out: Sign out of your Apple ID and erase data associated with that Apple ID.
Apple ID Settings.