Navigating a Pages Document on an iPad - dummies

Navigating a Pages Document on an iPad

Pages is the primary word processing tool in the iWork suite of iPad apps. Pages gives you powerful tools for creating complex documents on your iPad. Pages also gives you some tools that can come in very handy for specific tasks that apply to even short and simple documents.

After you open a Pages document, you edit it in the document editing view.


When you are editing a document, this view remains open until you move to another document, return to the My Documents view, or leave Pages. Remember that when you leave an iWork for iPad app and then come back to it, you usually come back to exactly where you were when you left; if you were in the middle of editing something, it will be right there when you return.

Note that when you’re in the editing view, a My Documents button is visible in the upper-left corner of the screen. The label of this button switches between My Documents and New Document, depending on the view you’re currently in.

When working on a multipage document in the document editing view, you can quickly move through the document by swiping or flicking up or down.

In Pages, you can touch and hold your finger anywhere at the right side of a page to bring up the navigator. The navigator shows a thumbnail of a page, and you can move the navigator very quickly through the document by dragging up or down on the screen. When you’re on the page you want, just lift your finger off the screen. If you don’t want to leave the page you started from, swipe to the right from the navigator and it will disappear.