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Monitor Conditions with the Weather Channel Max iPad App

Weather Channel Max for iPad has forecasts, weather maps, warnings, and even some of the TV station’s video reports. When you first launch it, it asks if it can use your current location. If you tap OK, you’ll see a Google Maps display of your local area, and six buttons for you to choose different features of the apps: Maps, Local, Video, Severe, Social, and On TV.

Some of the other weather apps give you different views (radar, satellite, temperature, and so on), but TWC’s app gives you an overlay with all eight types of maps it offers, including Radar, Clouds, Radar & Clouds, Temperature, Feels Like, UV Index, 24 Hr Rain, and 24 Hr Snow. This overlay has example map slices, which helps you quickly understand what you’re picking and what it’s going to show you.


Some of the map views have the ability to play through the observed weather for the last two hours, or the forecast for the next four hours.

The Local pane offers current weather conditions and the forecast for the next ten days. (Swipe sideways to scroll through all ten days.) With a tap, you can also get an hourly forecast through the next 24 hours, along with four-hour forecasts for the 12 hours after that, and then daily forecasts for the next eight days. There are also mini panes for the other major features (swipe to scroll through them), as well as a pane for ads.

The Video pane offers local weatherperson forecasts, regional forecasts, national forecasts, travel forecasts, storm watch videos, weather-related news stories, and other content from TWC’s TV network. And you can display these videos full screen, though it’s not HD quality.

In the Severe pane, you can get local and national severe weather warnings. If you live in a place where severe weather can occur, you’ll find this a great resource for keeping abreast of these warnings.

There’s a lot here for the weather junkie, including lots of video content, great map views, and a passable local weather display. If you want to dig around in detailed weather information, try this free app.