How to Work with Text in Your iPad Pages Document - dummies

How to Work with Text in Your iPad Pages Document

The Pages app on your iPad is the word-processing and page-layout tool in the iWork suite of apps. Pages gives you powerful tools for creating documents of all kinds. You can get a leg up on creating a document if you start from an iWork template (a template other than the Blank template, which is, well, blank).

Even though you may see only a text placeholder in the template, the basic structure helps you get started. Templates appear when you tap the plus sign (+) on the Document screen to add a new document. Just tap on one to open it.

After you open a document, entering the text is simple. You have four ways to start entering text:

  • Type text. Tap the spot in the document where you want to enter text and start typing. You can use the onscreen keyboard, a wireless keyboard, or the iPad Keyboard Dock.

  • Dictate text. Tap the Dictation key (not available on iPad 2) on the onscreen keyboard and speak your text, including punctuation. Dictation also allows some simple commands such as “Next line.”

  • Cut, copy, or paste text (or a combination). Use the cut, copy, and paste tools to cut text in your Pages document and move it to another location, or to copy text in any iPad app (for example, from a website accessed by the Safari browser) and paste it into your Pages document.

  • Import text. You can use iTunes, iCloud, Mail, or utilities such as Dropbox to move existing documents to your iPad. You can create the documents on your Mac or PC by using tools such as iWork, Microsoft Office, or Google Apps.

    When a large chunk of the document is ready, move it to your iPad and continue working with the document using iWork for iPad. If you work on a document using iWork for iCloud with a browser, the document will automatically be saved both in iCloud and to all your iOS devices.

After you have text in your Pages document, you can start to manage it.