How to Use the Notification Center on the iPad mini - dummies

How to Use the Notification Center on the iPad mini

The Notification Center on the iPad mini drops down over whatever you’re doing at the time so that you can easily see calendar entries, reminders, the weather forecast, and new e-mail messages. The Notification Center works regardless of which app you’re using.

To summon the Notification Center to the forefront of your iPad screen, all you need is the magical incantation — that is, a swipe from the top of the screen downward. Go ahead and give it a try. We’ll wait.

Notification banners also appear on the Lock screen.


Banner notifications are sweet, and we’re particularly fond of sliding our finger to view a particular item.

Here’s what you need to know about navigating the Notification Center:

  • Close the Notification Center. Swipe or flick the blue arrow that looks like a caret symbol (^) at the bottom of the list upward.

  • Open a notification. Tap it, and it opens in the appropriate program.

  • Clear a single notification. Tap the little circle to the left of the notification and it disappears.

  • The Today, All, and Missed tabs at the top of the screen provide different filters for your notifications. Tap them to see the way each presents information. Note that some details, such as today’s weather and the “Tomorrow” section, only appear in the Today tab.

    You can also swipe from left to right and right to left to switch among the Today, All, and Missed screens.

  • Clear all notifications from a particular app. Tap the All tab at the top of the screen; you can’t clear all notifications from a particular app from the Today or Missed tabs.

    Now tap the little x in a circle to the right of the app’s name (Reminders, Calendar, Messages, and such). The x turns it into a Clear button when you tap it. Tap the Clear button and all notifications from that app are cleared and the app’s name disappears from the Notification Center (but will reappear if and when the app needs to notify you again).

That’s how to summon and use the Notification Center.