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How to Manage Your iPad Music Library with the iPod App

iPad includes an iPod app that allows you to take advantage of its pretty amazing little sound system to play your own style of music or podcasts and audiobooks. You can also play movies on your iPad with the iPod app.

After you have some audio content in the form of music, podcasts, or audiobooks, you can find it organized into collections and find that content by categories such as artist or genre with predefined category buttons along the bottom of the iPod app screen.

Viewing the library contents

You can easily view the contents of your library collections, which you may have synced from your computer or downloaded directly using iPad’s Wi-Fi capability.

Take a tour of your iPod library collections by following these simple steps:

  1. Tap the iPod app icon located in the Dock on the Home screen.


  2. Tap the Music, Podcasts, or Audiobooks button in the left pane of the Library to open one of these collections.


  3. Tap the Purchased button in the Library to view all the items you’ve purchased, including videos, podcasts, music, and audiobooks.

Sorting by songs, artists, and more

With the iPod app open, you can easily view music by a variety of criteria by tapping the buttons along the bottom of the screen to sort music by these self-explanatory categories:

  • Songs

  • Artists

  • Albums

  • Genres

  • Composers


Want to know how many songs you have by a certain artist? When you display the Artists category, it includes a column that lists the number of albums and songs in your collection by that artist.

Creating playlists

You can easily create your own playlists with the iPod app to put tracks from various sources into collections of your choosing.

With iPod open, follow these steps to create your own playlists:

  1. Tap the plus sign in the bottom-left corner of the iPad screen and enter a name for the playlist in the New Playlist dialog that appears.

  2. Tap Save, and then in the list of selections that appears, tap the plus sign next to each item you’d like to include.


  3. Tap the Done button.

  4. Tap Done again on the list that appears.

    Your playlist appears in the Library list, and you can now play it by tapping the list name and then the Play button.

Searching for audio

If you can’t find what you want by going through collections or categories, you can search for an item in your iPod Library by using the Search feature. You can enter an artist’s name, author’s/composer’s name, or a word from the item’s title in the Search field to find what you’re looking for.

With iPod open, tap in the Search field. The onscreen keyboard opens.


Enter a search term in the Search field. Results are displayed, narrowing down as you type. Now just tap any item in the Search results to play it.