How to Format a Document in iPad Pages App - dummies

How to Format a Document in iPad Pages App

In the Pages app, which is the word-processing and page-layout tool in the iWork suite of apps for the iPad, you can format the text in your document, but you should attend to one other type of formatting: formatting the document itself. It includes page headers and footers, page numbers, and backgrounds that appear on all pages. Here’s how to proceed:

1Open a Pages document and tap Tools.

The Tools popover appears.

2Tap the Document Setup option.

You see a blueprint-like section that’s markedly different from the view you see when you edit an individual page. Note that this page will not rotate when you turn your iPad; it displays in portrait orientation only.

3Tap a header or footer to customize it.

You can use the three footer sections to insert the author’s name, a title, the version number, or the page number, for example.

4Type some text in the section you want to customize.

Make any desired customizations.

5To add page numbers to your document, tap in the header or footer section you want to use for the page number, and then tap the Page Numbers button in the toolbar that appears.

This toolbar is shown only when you select a header or footer.

You can choose the format of the page numbers.

6Tap the style you prefer.

The style is applied.

7Set the outer limits of the area for the page content (as well as for header and footer) by dragging the lines.

These settings determine the printable area of your document on the page. Margins you set using the ruler define this area.

8Tap the Change Paper Size button on the bottom of the page and select a predefined paper size.

Tap US Letter to print on 8½-x-11-inch paper or A4 to print on standard international letter paper.

9Tap Done.

After your page is set up, you’re ready to finish entering text in your document and print it when it’s done.