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Browse the iTunes App Store from Your Computer

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Looking for Apps for your iPad is easy. After you have the iTunes App Store on your computer screen, you have a couple of options for exploring its virtual aisles. There are various “departments” available from the main screen.

The main departments are featured in the middle of the screen, and ancillary departments appear on either side of them. Start with the ones in the middle:

  • The New and Noteworthy department has 14 visible icons in the figure. These represent apps that are — what else? — new and noteworthy.

    Only 14 icons are visible, but the New and Noteworthy department actually has more than that. Look to the right of the words New and Noteworthy. See the See All link? Click it to see all apps in this department on a single screen. Or, you can click and drag the scroll bar to the right to see more icons.


  • The What’s Hot department displays 14 icons, as shown, representing apps that are popular with other iPad users. Again, you can see more of these icons by clicking and dragging the scroll bar to the right.

  • The Staff Favorites department appears below the What’s Hot department and is not visible in the figure.

Apple has a habit of redecorating the iTunes Stores every so often, so things may not be exactly as described here when you visit.

You also see display ads for five featured items between the New and Noteworthy department and the What’s Hot department (Games, Cookies, Real Racing 2, Solar Walk, and Education) in the figure.

Three other departments appear to the right, under the Top Charts heading: Paid Apps; one of our favorite departments, Free Apps; and Top Grossing Apps (which is not visible in the figure). The number-one app in each department displays both its icon and its name; the next nine apps show text links only.

The App Store link near the top of the screen is also a drop-down list (as are most of the other department links to its left and right), as shown.