How to Adjust an Accessory in HomeKit on Your iPad - dummies

How to Adjust an Accessory in HomeKit on Your iPad

By Jesse Feiler

Setting up an accessory is a one-time task. However, once you have everything set up on your iPad, you may need to tweak some things. You will frequently adjust accessories.

  1. To adjust an accessory, tap and hold it from the home screen. You can start with the night light.
  2. The details view appears. It shows you the status (Powered On/Powered Off for the switch outlet).
  3. Tap Details to adjust the details.


The most common accessory to be adjusted is a bulb. When you have added a bulb as an accessory, you can touch and hold the accessory icon to open this view.


You can drag the brightness indicator up or down with the little handle at the top. For example, in the image above, the bulb is at 63% brightness. Drag the handle all the way up to change that to 100%; drag it to the bottom and it will be off.

The Details button at the bottom of the bulb opens this view.


You can name the bulb and choose its location. You can also indicate if you want it to be shown as a favorite as well as if it’s part of a bridge.

Yes, you can create a lamp and then choose its location. Or, you can start from the location and add the lamp. Either way is fine with HomeKit.