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What Is Social Networking?

There are several types of social networking sites where people collaborate or communicate socially. As you explore this new social world, the following definitions may be useful:


A website that allows anyone visiting to contribute (add, edit, or remove) content. Wikipedia, for example, is a virtual encyclopedia built by users providing information in their areas of expertise. Because of the ease of collaboration, wikis are often used when developing group projects or sharing information collaboratively.


An online journal (blog is short for web log) that may be entirely private, open to select friends or family, or available to the general public. You can usually adjust your blog settings to restrict visitors from commenting on your blog entries, if you’d like.

3Social networking site

This type of website allows people to build and maintain an online web page and create networks of people that they’re somehow connected to — their friends, work associates, and/or other members with similar interests. Most social networking sites also host blogs and have social networking functions that allow people to view information about others (in the form of member profiles), post photos, and contact each other.

4Social journaling sites

Sites such as Twitter allow people to go online with short notes (fewer than 140 characters) that are typically about what they’re doing or thinking at the moment. Many companies and celebrities are now tweeting, as the act of posting comments on Twitter is referred to. You can follow individuals on Twitter so you’re always informed if somebody you’re a fan of makes a post.