How To Sync Your Laptop with a Music Device - dummies

How To Sync Your Laptop with a Music Device

If you have a portable music player, like an iPod or MP3 music device, you can sync it to your laptop to transfer music files to it. This is a common practice for users who like to add music to their portable music player also.

1Connect a device to your laptop and open Windows Media Player.

Make sure you are connecting the device into the proper port on your laptop.

2Click the Sync tab.

A Device Setup dialog box appears.

3Name the device and click Finish. The device is now synced with Windows Media Player and will be automatically updated whenever you connect it to your laptop.

To add items to be synced to a device, with the Sync tab displayed, simply drag items to the right pane. If your device is connected, or the next time you connect it, the items are copied onto the device automatically.

If you want to be sure that the sync is progressing, click the Sync Options button (it’s on the far right of the top of the Sync tab and looks like a little box with a check mark in it) and choose View Sync Status.