For Seniors: Pin Items to the Desktop Taskbar - dummies

For Seniors: Pin Items to the Desktop Taskbar

If you use certain programs often, you might want to pin them to the jump list area in Windows 8.1, which is on the left end of the taskbar, for easy access. This will allow you to access these programs directly from the taskbar. Now you’re just one click away from any program.

1To open any of these items, click its icon.

The window for that program opens. You can perform any function within the program that you would normally be able to access.

2To close the window, click the Close button in the top-right corner (with an X on it).

This will return you to the Start screen where you can pin additional items that you frequently use.

3To pin additional items to the taskbar, right-click an application on the Desktop and then choose Pin to Taskbar. You can also drag a Desktop icon to the taskbar.

You can add other functions to the taskbar. Right-click a blank area of the taskbar and choose Properties. Click the Toolbars tab to display it. Click the check box for any of the additional items listed there, such as a browser address bar or links.