How to Make a Favorite Contact in Your Android Tablet's Address Book - dummies

How to Make a Favorite Contact in Your Android Tablet’s Address Book

A favorite contact, as far as your Android tablet is concerned, is someone you stay in touch with most often. Being part of your Favorites group gives you faster access when you need to contact that person. The person doesn’t have to be someone you like — just someone you (perhaps unfortunately) contact often, such as your bookie.


To make a contact a favorite, display the contact’s information and touch the Favorite (star) icon by the contact’s image. When the star is filled, the contact is one of your favorites and is stored in the Favorites group.


To remove a favorite, touch the contact’s star again, and it loses its highlight.

The favorite contacts are all found by accessing the Starred group or Favorites group. To view that group, choose the Favorites command from the View action bar, or choose the Favorite tab.

  • Removing a favorite doesn’t delete the contact, but instead removes it from the Favorites group.

  • The Favorites group may be named the Starred group on some tablets.

  • By the way, contacts have no idea whether they’re among your favorites, so don’t believe that you’re hurting their feelings by not making them favorites.