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How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Computer with Samsung Kies

The Samsung way to connect your phone or Android tablet to a computer is to use something called Samsung Kies. Don’t bother asking: No one on the planet has any idea what Kies stands for, let alone how to pronounce it.

A Samsung tablet uses Kies in one of two ways to connect with a computer and swap files. The best way is the Kies Air app, which wirelessly connects your tablet to a computer when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

When the Kies Air app isn’t available, you must download a copy of the Kies program for your PC or Macintosh.

Ensure that you download the proper version of Kies for your specific Samsung tablet.

Once started, Kies lets you back up and swap files between your Samsung tablet and the computer. Kies Air uses your computer’s web browser to swap and send files; the Kies program acts as its own file synchronizing utility.

  • When using Kies Air, follow the directions on the tablet’s screen to configure your computer’s web browser.

  • To end the Kies Air connection, touch the Stop button on the tablet’s touchscreen. You can then close the web browser window on your computer.

  • Don’t click the Back button on your computer’s web browser screen when using the Kies Air website. Just use the controls on the web page itself to navigate.

  • To copy files to the tablet from a computer using the Kies program (not Kies Air), use the File menu. Choose File➪Add File to Galaxy Note 3➪Internal (or External), and then choose the file to send over.

  • Using Kies doesn’t prevent you from transferring files using other methods. In fact:

  • If you don’t like Kies, don’t use it. However:

  • Kies is required in order to install updates for some Samsung tablets. Even when the tablet notifies you of an update, and you attempt to install the update by obeying the tablet’s directions, the update may fail. You’re informed that you must use Kies to complete the update.