How to Check the Location Tag Feature on Your Android Tablet - dummies

How to Check the Location Tag Feature on Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Your Android tablet not only takes pictures but also keeps track of where you’re located when you take the picture — if you’ve activated that option. The feature is called location tag, geotag, or GPS-tag.

To confirm the location-tag setting in the Google Camera app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Side Menu icon and choose Settings.
  2. Enable or disable the Save Location feature.

    The master control by the Save Location item is either on or off, reflecting the location-tag setting.

For the Camera app on some Samsung tablets, obey these steps to check the location-tag feature:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the main Camera app screen.

    This is what it looks like, though on your Galactic tablet the icon’s location may be different.

  2. Set the master control by the Location Tags item on or off.

Other Camera apps may require you to jump through various hoops, such as wade through an Action Overflow or Settings icon menu, to locate the Location Tag item.

  • Deactivating the location-tag feature doesn’t remove that information from photos you’ve already taken.
  • The location-tag information is stored in the picture itself. This means that other devices, apps, and computer programs can read the GPS information to determine where the image was taken.