Tips for Using the Trackpad on Your Surface Keyboard - dummies

Tips for Using the Trackpad on Your Surface Keyboard

By Andy Rathbone

Both the Touch and the Type Cover keyboards for the Surface include a trackpad below the keys. Chances are good that you won’t use it much: It’s usually easier to touch the screen to do what you want.

However, it comes in handy if you spend much time on the desktop. There, the trackpad controls your mouse pointer, bringing the pinpoint precision needed to navigate the desktop’s crowded menus.

To Do This … … Do This
Move the onscreen pointer. Drag your finger anywhere on the trackpad.
Left-click. Tap one finger anywhere on the trackpad or press the left
trackpad button.
Right-click the Windows desktop. Tap two fingers anywhere on the trackpad or press the right
trackpad button.
Left-click and drag. Hold down the left trackpad button and then tap and slide your
other finger on the object you want to drag.
Scroll. Slide two fingers horizontally or vertically, a handy way to
navigate the Start screen.
Show a Start screen app’s App bar. Tap two fingers anywhere on the trackpad.

Pay particular attention to these tips, which work equally well on both the Touch and Type Cover keyboard’s trackpads:

  • When reading a website or browsing an app like the News app, put two fingers on the trackpad and then slide them back and forth or up or down, depending on how the page flows. That sometimes scrolls the page more smoothly than touching the screen with your fingers.

  • Tapping with two fingers brings up the right-screen menu on the desktop. That’s often faster and easier than right-clicking by tapping on the trackpad.

  • The Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2 covers also let you pinch and zoom with two fingers on the trackpad. Also, swiping in from the left or right sides of the trackpad mimics doing the same on the screen. (That lets you fetch the Charms bar or see the currently open applications.)

  • Tapping with two fingers quickly brings up an App’s menu. But because you still need to tap the menu item with a finger or well-placed mouse click, it rarely saves time.