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How to Change Your Surface’s App Settings

By Andy Rathbone

Your Surface’s apps almost always hide their menus. That’s fine when the app behaves correctly. But if you want to change one of your apps, Windows offers several ways to tweak it — if you know where to look.

To find and change the settings of any app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app that you want to change.

    Your apps carry their settings with them; you need to open the app before you can access its settings.

  2. Open the Charms bar and tap the Settings icon.

    The app’s Settings pane appears.

That’s it; every app includes a hidden Settings pane that lists just about every behavior that can be changed.

Granted, some apps offer more control than others. But when you find yourself dismayed with an app’s behavior, head for the Settings pane to see the controls it offers. (To close the Settings pane, tap the screen, away from the Settings pane.)

For a start, these settings may come in handy:

  • If you add more than one account to the Calendar app, you may find some overlap: Holidays may appear twice, for example. To weed out the duplicates, open the Calendar app’s Settings pane and tap Options. There, you can pick and choose which Calendars should display which events, and in which color.

  • Tired of typing passwords at your favorite websites? From the Start screen’s Internet Explorer, open the Settings pane. There, under Options, you can flip the Passwords toggle; that tells the browser to ask whether you’d like to save your password.

  • When traveling, you may want the Camera app to tag each photo with your location (the name of the city where you snapped the photo). To toggle that feature on or off, open the Camera app’s Settings pane, tap Options, and tap the Location Info toggle switch.

  • When shooting photos that you plan to post online, think twice before tagging photos with their location. Some people don’t want their locations made publicly available.

  • Some apps pack so many options on the Settings pane that they scroll off the bottom. To make sure you’re seeing all of the options, slide your finger up the pane, dragging the formerly hidden options back into view.