How to Sync Calendars with the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Sync Calendars with the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

Most likely, you already have at least two electronic calendars scattered in different places that are not currently connected to your Samsung Galaxy S 5: a calendar tied to your work computer and a personal calendar. Now you have a third one to maintain with your Samsung phone that is synced to Gmail.

Bringing together all your electronic calendars to one place, though, is one of the best things about your phone — as long as you’re a faithful user of your electronic calendars, that is. To begin this process, you need to provide authorization to the respective places that your calendars are stored. This authorization is necessary to respect your privacy.

If your phone doesn’t have a Calendar shortcut on the Home page, open the Calendar app from your App list. This same app works with the calendar that’s stored on your phone and any digital calendars that you add.


When you first open this app, you see a calendar in monthly format.


When you add an account to your phone, such as your personal or work e-mail account, your Facebook account, or Dropbox, you’re asked whether you want to sync your calendar. The default setting is typically every hour.

For most of us, this is adequate. If you’re lucky enough to have other people regularly sending you meeting invitations, however, you could get out of sync. Follow these steps to manually tell your phone to sync with your calendars and get all your appointments up to the minute:

  1. From any of the calendar display screens, tap the Options Menu icon.

    The Menu screen appears.


  2. Tap the Sync hyperlink.

  3. Wait a few moments for the system to sync.

    All the calendars synced to your phone are listed under the Manage Accounts section. Syncing shouldn’t take long, but it does take some time.

Unless you get a warning message that alerts you to a communications problem, your phone now has the latest information on appointments and meeting requests. Your phone continues to sync automatically, regardless of how often you ask it to sync manually. It does all this syncing in the background; you may not even notice that changes are going on.

You could encounter scheduling conflicts if others can create events for you on your digital calendar. Be aware of this possibility. It can be annoying (or worse) when you have a free time slot, offer it to a person you’re talking to on the phone, and then find that someone else at the office took it.

You can avoid this problem by syncing your calendar manually before you tell someone that you have a time slot free.