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How to Secure Your Samsung Galaxy S 5 with Knox

By Bill Hughes

It doesn’t matter whether you bought the Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone at a retail store or whether your company supplied it to you. The fact of the matter is that company data that resides on your phone belongs to your employer. You probably signed a document (now sitting in your HR file) that states that you agree with this arrangement.

This policy is necessary for the company because it has a financial and legal obligation to protect company data, particularly if it pertains to individual customers. Like it or not, this obligation trumps your sense of privacy over the phone you bought and (still) pay for.

If this really gets under your skin, you can always carry two smartphones: one for business and one for personal use. This solves the problem, but it’s a hassle.

However, there is a better way. Your Samsung Galaxy S 5 comes with a capability called Knox. Knox logically divides your phone into two modes: one for business use and the other for your personal use. You tap an icon and you’re in business mode. You tap another icon and you’re in personal mode. Switching between the two is instant and Knox keeps the information from each mode separate.

This is a capability that is only of interest to you if your employer offers support for the service.

Knox comes with three capabilities for the employer:

  • Security for the android OS

  • Limitations on the applications that access the business side of your phone

  • Remote mobile-device management

This arrangement means that your employer can remotely control the business apps and potentially wipe the data on the business side at its discretion — but it has nothing to do with your personal information. The personal side remains your responsibility.

You may want to suggest to your company’s IT department that it look into supporting Knox. Doing so can take a burden off your back.