How to Put Your Galaxy S6 to Sleep - dummies

How to Put Your Galaxy S6 to Sleep

By Bill Hughes

You can leave your Galaxy S6 on every minute until you’re ready to upgrade to the newest Galaxy phone in a few years, but that would use up your battery in no time. Instead, put your idle phone in sleep mode to save battery power.

Your phone goes into sleep mode automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity on the screen.

You can adjust the sleep time out for a longer duration. Or you can manually put the phone in sleep mode by pressing the Power button for just a moment.

Sometimes it’s best to simply shut down the phone if you aren’t going to use it for several days or more or the flight attendant tells you it’s required. To shut down the phone completely, simply press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. The following options appear:

  • Silent mode: Turn off sound, but vibrate if there is an important notification like an incoming call or text.

  • Airplane mode: Turns off the radios that communicate to the local Wi-Fi access point and the cellular network so that you can’t receive or make voice calls or send or receive texts or data. As the name implies, use this setting when you’re flying. If you want to use applications that can operate without a data connection, such as some games, you can. The good news: Because some flights now provide Wi-Fi, the phone does allow you to turn Wi-Fi back on when you’re in airplane mode if you need it.

  • Power Off: Shut down the phone completely.