How to Create a Document on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Create a Document on the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

Here are the four very simple steps to follow in order to learn how to create a document on your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone:

  1. On your phone, open the Application list and tap the Polaris Office 5 icon.

    You need to accept the End User License Agreement. After you do, the Home screen appears.


  2. Tap the icon for the file type you wish to create, whether it is a Word document, an Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation.

    The options are

    • Editing Documents: Open a blank sheet in Word format (.doc).

    • Editing Sheets: Open a blank spreadsheet in Excel spreadsheet format (.xls).

    • Editing Slides: Open a blank presentation in PowerPoint format (.ppt).

    Tapping the icon of your choice brings up a screen— a Word document that describes how to use the app. The details of editing are described in this document.


  3. Tap the Word icon in the upper-left corner to save the document.

    Doing so brings up the options.

    In this case, your only option is to save this file in your phone’s memory or on the MicroSD card on your phone if one is installed. More on your other options in a moment.

  4. To save a document, tap the diskette icon at upper right.

    The diskette might indeed be a relic of earlier PC technology, but it’s still widely used as an icon to mean Save.

    Your phone saves the document on your MicroSD card in the format you selected.

    You follow the same basic process for files in the other formats. If you want to keep this file on your phone forever, you’re set. However, read on if you want to do something more with it.